"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'll Never Be the Same

One of my "kids"

Last August, I posted several times about my trip to St. Petersburg. Summer is long gone, and that trip is already five months behind me. Nevertheless, I think I can honestly say I have thought about that trip and been impacted by it every single day.

I knew before going that I would be broken by the spiritual and physical poverty that I saw. I knew I would laugh and cry with and about the little (and not so little) people that I met. I knew that God would show me my own sin and would break my heart over what breaks His heart.

However, I didn't count on coming back with children of my own. Heh, heh, surprised you there, didn't I?  No, I don't have children living in my home that call me "Mom" and who literally fill my physical life with needs and hugs and tears and their own unique personality.

The children I'm talking about are six individuals I met. At most, I only ever spent about twelve hours with them. But their faces, their personalities, their deep need and broken lives walk with me through each day. God keeps bringing their particular story, their specific need, their acute brokenness, and their deep unfulfilled need for human love. I don't know why them when there were so many orphans there. I'm not some sort of spiritual superhero who went planning for such an experience. But even though they may never know it, they'll always have a spiritual "mom" who prays for them each day. I hope, I long, to meet them again in Heaven.

Watch out. God uses little things to change your life forever!  


  1. Alison, thank you for sharing your burden! and for being one of the most faithful pray-ers I know. I'm learning to take a few lessons from prayer warriors like you ;)

  2. I just tagged you in a questionnaire on my blog, sissie. :)