"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orphanage #2

Today we went to our first summer camp and spent time with Orphanage #2, about 30 kids ages 4-12. They were beautiful, but broken. They were laughing, hugging, chattering, dancing, singing, but there were tears too. Tears over little things like a desire for more peanut butter, and tears over big things like when one of the little girls asked each team member if she could borrow their phone to call her mom. There were tears in Russian and American eyes when we had to gently disengage little arms and get on the bus at the end.

Still, it was a fun day. We spent time getting to know them; coloring, making bead necklaces, jumping rope, and blowing up balloons. Then we went and had an unbelievably delicious lunch (Shashlik) at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the Bay of Finland. Dad, I thought of you so much in our hour and half drive along that beautiful bay. I looks so much like the North Shore! You would have loved it.

Then we went back to the camp, were joyously welcomed by the kids, and with much difficulty, corralled them into a group for some singing, which they loved, and a Bible story, which they did not hear a word of. That was probably the most discouraging part of the day, but I know it was not outside God's control by any means.

After that we played some games and did a craft--a little glue together foam project of Jesus walking on the water and a Scripture. The kids loved that! They spent over an hour working on it. I got to talk to several of the kids during that time and one boy, Andrei, told me about his two little brothers, both of whom live with his grandma. He was so proud of them, and it broke my heart when he said he almost never saw them.

It was a good day...so off to bed now; tomorrow we go to another orphanage and do both a morning and an afternoon program. Please pray the kids will be attentive, especially to God's word!

Yasha was the little charmer who stole my heart. He stayed by my side all day, his little hand slipped inside mine.

Anya, our wonderful translator, is beloved by the kids

They were so happy to see us get off the bus

Unfortunately one of the kids decided to stick their finger in my picture, but yes, this little girl is beautiful. She loved the songs and sang beautifully!


  1. I know it's no small task to update your blog while you're so busy - thanks for taking the time to do that! Those children are precious :-)

  2. Love reading about everything. Keep the posts coming. We're praying for you!