"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

City of Despair

The life I lead looks bleak from where I stand,
Grey walls rise up, I’m rushing forward fast.
No hope I have of any change ahead.
The lifeless eyes of empty faces stare;
Am I alone? Are people without hope
Like me? The caring smiles I used to see
Are slowly disappearing from my sight
Where did they go? Will they come back to me?
I see the darkness rise before my face.
The tunnel waits, a murky death - so deep,
Unknown and sad - of my abiding hope.
But look up high toward heaven’s watching eyes
Between the dim asylums built so high
By me, my hands alone in great despair.
So past my dingy tears a ray of hope
I see burst through. Anticipation great,
I soar so high on mighty eagles’ wings
I leave behind despondency, despair,
To seize the hand of Christ, my saving grace.
O joy! My heart is filled with exultation.
The glad, triumphant laugh, elated, leaps
Unasked, yet wanted, wished-for, from my lips.
My circumstances haven’t changed, I know,
My focus looks up past the dirty grey
To gaze upon the King of Glory above
Who fills the sky that looked so small, before.
But now the dingy city fades from view
And all I see is Him who died for me.

~ Tessa

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