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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Willy's First Solids

Time has flown by oh-so-quickly! William is now four months old...four months! My mommy-heart is simultaneously happy and sad. Although he's changing far too fast, I'm so delighted by the personality I see growing in our boy every day. He is determined, curious, cheerful, giggly, mischievous, and strong. His intense personality, while a challenge at times, has such potential! I pray every day that God would enable Eric and I to help mold and encourage those traits into godly character traits.
This week, he had his first solid foods! His first experience was a success for sure.

Trying out the spoon first...

Oh those eyes...they have built-in sparkle!
Eric got to feed his boy! It was so fun for me to watch them.

William watched the preparations with curiosity...

but when his daddy took the spoon, William was not pleased!
William took to eating from a spoon like a pro.

After the first bite or two, his eyes widened with interest and enjoyment and he began reaching both hands out for the spoon and even shaking with his strong desire to get that bite in his mouth!
(P.S. I love Eric's smile as he teaches his son to eat from a spoon)
"Yum yum yum!"

These are some satisfied faces...

he's growing up so fast!

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  1. nice looking baby and healthy as well, I remember when our child was infact my wife used to give them food like this