"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Boston Marathon

A quick blast from the recent past: the Monday after Easter, I got to experience the Boston Marathon for the first time (Important note: as a spectator, not a runner!). Eric's family graciously included me in their trip to the event. They consistently love me as one of the family, which I so appreciate!

Between blankets, chairs, snacks, and a packed lunch, we were well-equipped to stay for several hours. At first the road was empty, but soon some incredible people came up and over the hill. This first wave may have impressed me the most: those with various disabilities, some with missing limbs-but all determined to reach the finish line. I couldn't help wondering: am I that persevering in my spiritual race?  

Eric's mom, sister, and brother.

As the other waves of runners passed, we had a great time cheering ourselves hoarse to encourage them. The little ones even handed out juicy orange slices to refresh runners on their way. It was incredible to think how far these participants had already come, and fun bringing a smile to their weary faces by simple words of encouragement!
These adorable kiddos passed out orange slices and cheered as loudly as the rest of us.!
It was a fun adventure to get to witness this world-famous race, and special to get to do so with my new family! Perhaps next year I'll be attending with my 6 month old son...wow!

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