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Monday, June 16, 2014

25 Weeks

Picture courtesy of my sister-in-law Julia: Me @ 25 weeks and friend Beka @ 23 weeks.
How big is baby? Around 13-1/2 inches from head to toe, and starting to chunk up at a little more than 1.5 lbs. I'm pretty sure some days I can feel him growing!
How I'm feeling: Much, much better than most of last week. I caught the stomach bug that's been going around and boy did it knock me down! I was pretty sore and it took me a while to recover my energy. However, I feel quite well now!
Weight Gain: About 16 lbs as of my last appointment. Trying to keep it slow and steady!
Symptoms: My feet...ouch. A little scary since I have a ways to go, but my feet get so sore! Apparently it's from my center of gravity shifting, but they feel so bruised and sore. Eric is such a sweetheart and gives the best massages, and I often soak them in cold water. I can also definitely tell on the days I don't drink enough water or get too tired, because Braxton Hicks contractions arrive. However, I'm really feeling great in general and I'm so thankful!
Maternity Clothes: More and more so- I find myself often prying off a piece of clothing that just doesn't fit over or under the bump anymore. I'm packing those pieces away, and look forward to "shopping" in my closet when the time comes that I can wear them again. I still enjoy some non-maternity shirts, skirts, and a few dresses. I especially love some maxi skirts my mom got me, and some maternity shorts from my mother-in-law. Many thanks to them both!
Sleep: Not bad, for which I am very thankful! No need for nightly bathroom trips yet, and I usually sleep quite well. The one downside is the pinched nerve that bugs me in my ribs when I lay on my left side. Could be so much worse!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Eggs (cooked just about any way), smoothies, and lemonade are my favorites right now.
Movement: Yes (smile). I just love reminders of my little man's presence and the reassurance that he's doing well. I enjoy learning his sleep/wake patterns, playing "poke and seek" with him, and watching my belly ripple as he wiggles. Eric gets to feel him pretty often, but somehow he's managed to elude everyone else but my mom!
Best moment of the week: Well, I guess I'm on the front end of 25 weeks, but it would have to be giving Eric some surprise maternity pictures for Father's Day. He's going to make such an amazing dad!


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  1. I love the picture of you and Beka!!!