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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Little Sister Time

It probably seemed like I fell of the face of the earth-it's more like I've traveled 4 weeks out of the last 2-1/2 months, spent time with family and friends, and welcomed a new niece. Oh, and I'm preparing for a wedding (in 3-1/2 weeks) and a move!

I've continued to enjoy "dates" with my siblings: each one of them is so unique and we've had a blast together.

 I went on a "French picnic" with my 10 year old sister Amy-she loves all things France, so we dressed up, packed an elegant picnic, and pretended we were in Paris! We ended up having a fabulous time, including some great heart-to-heart talk.

All dressed up!

She's growing up so quickly.

Our "picnic:" nutella sandwhiches, truffles, pretzels, berries, and sparkling juice.

We had such fun!

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