"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sibling Time! (1/10)

Before my marriage to Eric (yaaaaaaaaay! okay I'm better now. I just can't wait to marry the love of my life) and my move out east, I want to spend time with each of my siblings here. Fun, right? Well, it's definitely necessary to start a while in advance when you still live with ten siblings! So today was my youngest sister's turn.
Oksana and I went to the local frozen yogurt shop She loaded up with strawberry and root beer flavors, plus lots and lots of toppings. She grinned and chattering-or "chirped" as my sister says-the whole time.

We decided to eat outside: our yogurt melted fast, but that gave us a big table...

To play games! We had a blast (I won) and I was excited to see how much she has learned about playing games in the last months.

She had a huge smile like that the whole time! I love how her "chocolate -chip" brown eyes crinkle up when she smiles.

Hmm...looks like she got just a bit of sugar today. It was fun to spoil my little sister!


  1. Thanks for taking her out. Thanks for investing in your siblings. You're a love!

  2. hey beautiful alison!

    you are the most beautiful bride-to-be ever. hmmm.

    well, I am planning life when I go back home in 16 days!! and on my travel radar is to see YOU and your man tie the knot. can you e-mail me sometime what your schedule for the wedding will be like and when would be a good time to come? does you family need any help or an extra hand with anything? maybe I could come a day early or something? Or I can road trip there the day of.. I am thinking of driving and seeing people along the way..just let me know, beloved! e-mail me at apairofpearlsandchocolate@gmail.com

    oh hi Mrs. Reynolds! ^^ I am from a huge family..so if you need any help, I am used to jumping right in!

  3. I laugh every time I scroll to the picture of Oksana's fro-yo container! I'm sure she remembers that time fondly.