"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not Unwanted

Angelina and 10 other children visited this  church last January--all but one of the other children had hosts on that trip, and 8 of the other children (3 of them my siblings) now have a forever family. Angelina remains an orphan. 
          No wonder she is shy and insecure. Rejected times innumerable by her birth family, by school mates, by potential friends at her orphanage, mocked and ostracized often, Angelina feels entirely unwanted by all the world at the ripe old age of twelve.

        This young girl was in my brother Alexander's group in his orphanage, but their lives could not be more sharply contrasted now. Alexander is universally loved and admired. Angelina is ignored or made fun of. Alexander has a family. Angelina has no one to call Mom or Dad, no sisters and brothers to play with, no grandparents to remember her birthday or her favorite color. Alexander's future is bright with possibilities and opportunities. Angelina's future is bleak, if not even grim.

          Yet Angelina is not unwanted. Her future is not without hope. Little though she may know it, she has a Heavenly Father--the self-proclaimed Father of the Fatherless-- who is looking out for her and loves her more than anyone ever could here on earth. This Father calls us, His adopted children, to look out for those who are vulnerable and orphaned.

          Would you be so good as to take 5 minutes and read the article about Angelina below (written by the very same Becky who assisted us so much in our adoption), and would you please pray for this precious little girl? Would you pray for her shattered heart? Would you pray for her salvation? It is more than likely that she has never heard the true Gospel, which alone can give her never-ending hope. And, would you please pray that God will give Angelina a godly and loving family? After all, it may seem unreasonable and impossible by human standards, but nothing is impossible with God!

Angelina--Crushed Little Blossom

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