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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Once-a-Year Opportunity

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Last year I was privileged, along with the rest of my family, to attend the Summit VI conference for Christian Alliance For Orphans.  What a blessing that was! Over a thousand people gathered with the intent of learning how to better care for the vulnerable and needy as God commands us to.

No, this was not just a conference for adoptive families. The workshops and breakout session addressed many ways to care for orphans, from providing much-needed needed shoes for Haiti children, to helping foster children adjust as they reach adulthood.

The attendees and staff were warm and gracious; excited about fellowship and eager to share stories of God's goodness. The worship sessions were powerful and God-centered, a foretaste of heaven as we raised our voices in unison to our King.

But best of all was the focus on the Gospel. There was no "Let's help orphans because we want to be good people." The desire to serve and love came from a deep sense of gratitude to a Savior who rescued sinners from hopeless guilt and a Father who adopted unworthy children. Speakers and conference-goers alike constantly returned to the gospel as the reason for the way they lived, not simply because this was a Christian conference and that was the way to do things, but because their lives had been profoundly and forever changed by the Father of the Fatherless.

Have you adopted?

Are you adopted?

Have you considered adoption?

Do you hope to adopt in the future?

Maybe adoption isn't in the picture but you hope to find ways to minister to children who have many physical needs, and most of all, a need to know about Jesus.

Please consider attending Summit VII in Louisville KT, May 12-13.

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  1. If any of your family is attending this year! PLEASE let us know! We're only about an hour from Louisville! Would love to see you all!