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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Video: We Love Because

We Love Because from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

My mom, Lissie and I were talking the other day about some good friends of ours who are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. You can find their blog here: Room For More They became fired up about adoption and orphan care about a year and half ago on Orphan Sunday. Since then, we've watched them through the ups and downs that accompany an international adoption of an older child. We've cried tears of frustration and sadness with them, and jumped up and down for joy with them. They are getting ready to go meet their little girl in just a handful of days now and you can feel the excitement building, not just in their family, but also for us and others close to them!

So we were talking and Lissie made an interesting comment. She said:

"Mr. Nordstrom's passion and zeal for the Gospel has grown since God tugged at his heart about adoption."

Her comment made me pause and think. I definitely had to echo her sentiments upon reflection. His passion - no, not just his, but his whole family's passion for the Gospel - has grown since God placed orphans on their heart. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of what God has done for those who are His children. The Gospel is laced and intertwined with adoption, all the way down to the details. I think this video really helps to show the inseperability of adoption and the Gospel.

~ Tessa

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