"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hey, I'm back!

Ah, blogging. That doesn't happen nearly often enough these days, especially to keep my far-off-in-the-Midwest family updated. To be honest, I've noticed that I'm not the only one to fall off the blogging bandwagon. Many of my favorite blogs are rarely updated anymore. I wonder if in part that is due to changing lives, or perhaps even more to the convenience of faster social media. Why blog when it takes 30 seconds to Tweet? Instagram? Facebook? But there is a depth that can't be found in those other outlets, and while they are fun, I miss that slower pace of life sometimes.

Life is anything but slow these days. Or at least, William is anything but slow. At 8.5 months, he's learned to crawl like a maniac and pull up on everything in sight. He's curious, adventurous and fearless. He's intense: intensely happy, intensely sad, intensely attached to me, intensely independent...he doesn't do anything half way. I absolutely love spending every day with him and feel so privileged to do so!

William with his beloved Grammy


  1. I am beside myself with happiness. Being part of that long-way-away-in-the-Midwest part of your family, my heart skips a beat over every word shared and every photo posted! (I'm especially happy to see my grandson in the arms of my dear friend who also happens to be his other grandmother!)

    I agree with you that their is a depth to blogging that isn't achievable with some of the other types of social media. As much as I enjoy Instagram, I hope some folks with eventually put pen to paper again (so to speak). Their thoughts often provoked my thoughts and even encouraged my walk with God. Come back, dear bloggers!

    At any rate, thanks for blogging again, precious daughter! Love, Mumsie

  2. I so enjoy reading updates and seeing pictures! William is getting so big so quickly! What a handsome little guy he is. :) Miss you all!

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