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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Watch that bump grow!

Who shares pictures of their belly and draws attention to its growth? No one, unless they're crazy or pregnant (or both!), and then it's all the rage. I've been astounded by the expansion of my middle as our son continues to grow -he, by the way is due in ONE MONTH - so I thought I'd let you all be amazed too. Please excuse the occasional bathroom selfie: I normally turn up my nose at such things, but I can't help walking by the mirror and think, "Wow! I'm growing another human being!" and capturing that photographically. 

14 weeks

15 weeks  (by now I was feeling little popcorn flutters-so exciting!)
16 weeks
17 weeks

20 weeks : different pieces of clothing were starting to fit funny...
23 weeks: a very fun photo shoot with my mom. I love the pictures she took!

25 weeks: at a wedding with a friend who's just 2 weeks behind me with her first, a girl!

27 weeks: eww, another bathroom selfie. But look! I'm getting round.
28 weeks: I have literally lived in this workout shirt. It's now the only thing that really fits for my workouts. Thanks mom!
30 weeks: and this week...was when I went KA-POW! At least that's what it felt and looked like! But kindly notice, I still have ankles, not cankles, for which I am very thankful.
33 weeks: on the way to my baby shower. So many kind people who love our little man already!

34 weeks: I'm really only wearing maternity shirts, for fear that I'll stretch my other shirts
Last but not least: 35 weeks this past Saturday
I may be huge and getting huger...but it's all worth it! I can't wait to meet our little son.


  1. I loved this! Alison you look beautiful!

  2. AW!! You are beautiful, Alison! Love these pictures!!

  3. You are so beautiful dear sister. :) Love your bump!

  4. Good post, you showed all the months in single post and you look quite happy. Thank you for sharing your moment with us and keep posting more such posts