"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In Which I am Brave Enough to Take Pictures in the City

This past weekend I got to spend time with the ex-pat girls from a Bible study I attend each week. Bible study, you may say? I did too when I first came here! It surprised me that there was such an option. Nevertheless, I've gained some great friends and spent some wonderful time in the Word with these high-school age girls.
Saturday morning was drippy and damp; still, we spent some great time together walking in pairs around this park and praying with each other. The statue is of an ancient and famous poet from this area, and the arch behind him is a beautiful mosaic.
The park; in the foreground are fountains that operate in warmer weather. In the background is a government building.
Mariah and me! I still haven't quite got the hang of those awkward "stretch your arm out and take a picture of you and a friend" photos. :)
Later in the morning, we split up into two teams for a scavenger hunt of sorts. One of our assignments was to have a picture taken of our whole group in front of this cheery fellow (aka the national hero).
Trinity and Hannah, my teammates. We were supposed to find some flowers and take a picture with them; tricky but not impossible here.
Here's our interesting way out of forming a human pyramid at the end of a long morning. We weren't keen on kneeling on the wet ground and acting in a way ladies simply don't do here! Thankfully the judge of the teams accepted it!
I'm thankful for the friendships God has given me with these girls!


  1. It is wonderful to see ways in which God provides. Thank you for sharing!