"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Picture Time

Two of my favorite people: my twin and mom.

Green is pretty much gone around here due to drought conditions. So I like staring at this picture, taken near Lake Superior last fall.
Last fall, when taking a photography class, I had to take on my professor's point of view and take some pictures I normally would never take! This took me out of my comfort zone for sure, but I also learned a lot about photography-and perseverance!
Damage left by the Missouri River flood of 2011

Friend Eddie Joe and sister Jaynie. Yup. They're goofs.

I'm excited. Why, you ask? Because two of our bestest friends should be here in an hour or two to spend the weekend! Elizabeth and Andrew have been some of our closest friends for a long time and we're like family.

Speaking of friends, "Joe" and I were privileged to make our first trip out to the Northeast (NE ;) ) this May, and got to spend time with some wonderful friends we know through CollegePlus! Some we met more than 2 years ago; others were new friends. There were lots and lots of laughs, plenty of inside jokes, and some great encouragement in the Lord.
And I'll finish with two more of my favorite people. My oldest and youngest (at present) sisters. They're so much fun!



  1. awww! Awesome pictures! (although you scared me a bit with that professor-required pic....just what have you been up to since that trip to Maine, missy? :P) I miss you so much Lissie! We really do need to make that phone call happen sometime soon :)

  2. No worries, Erica! :) That picture is actually so un-me it makes me laugh every time I see it ;) But it does represent some of the hardships caused by addictions that have caused so much pain in the heart of our adopted siblings, doesn't it?
    And yes, we do need to work out that call! I can't wait. Sorry I've been such a difficult friend lately. :P