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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Picture Time II

I'm pushing to finish my last college classes, but here are a few random pictures to keep the blog alive. 

Duluth, MN--August 2011

One of my very bestest friends: my older sister, Anna. I can't believe she and Aaron are coming up on their first anniversary and are looking forward to the birth of their baby girl in June! Photo credit: Lauren LaPlante.

A beautiful orthodox synagogue I was able to enter in St. Petersburg last year; it was so neat to see the inside of one, but my team and I were the only women in the building, and I don't think the worshiping men were too happy with us, so we left quickly! It made me very grateful for the Messiah, though.  
Anna and I with our long-time friend, Elizabeth Nisius. She has been a loving, faithful friend for more than eleven years now and we're so grateful to know her!
 A little miracle baby from our church family. Born Christmas Day, 2010, Z arrived three months before his due date and was not supposed to live. Today he is thriving and a happy boy! God is good.

This picture was taken in 2008 when our family (back then there were "only" 11 of us) made the trip back to England. Though a bit grainy, I love this image.
Taken at a barn not far from our house (hmm I think I posted this already--oh well, you'll just have to see it a 2nd time! )
"Mark" and "Cassandra" in MN, November 2011. It's been so wonderful to see both of them develop their own skills and interests as they grow up!
Tiny four year old Natasha shows off her new photo album of our family, a gift from Mom and Dad the day they met her--Russia, 2004.
A wonderful friend--Beka is great fun, and loves Jesus so much!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel: graduation here I come!!


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  1. So glad, Lissie, that you gathered some of your photos as a post. Especially happy to see Beka's picture. Beka, you've been such an encouragement to Lissie! Thanks for the friendship you've extended to my daughter!

    Mumsie/Mrs. Beaver