"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ~ Matthew 5:8

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Picture Time

If you don't like random old pictures, don't read this. I was enjoying some pictures and memories today, and was reminded of how many amazing things God has done for our family.

"Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt boutifully with you"
                                                                                                            ~ Psalm 116:7

When we lived in England, I hated wearing coats and would stick with just gloves. '
Yes, I note  the huge 90s hairbow!

Loved our string quartet days. I'm still hoping we can have some "jamming" sessions together!
Adoption paperwork-2010. So grateful for all the prayers that got us through this stage!
A little girl I saw in St. Petersburg. I loved her glamor, but was amazed to see the huge contrast between the loved children with parents and the orphans I was privileged to work with.

My oldest sister Anna.  I think she was an adorable baby!  I'm excited to see what she and Aaron's baby will look like...
My sister "Princess Bink" in December 2004 in her orphanage.

 And here she is after a few months at home. I love the visible difference love made in her life.
Duluth September 2011-we took a boat cruise which was wonderful-I love any chance to get out on a boat.
My beautiful sisters, December 2010-their first Christmas home.
Tennessee, October 2009
My parents with my brother "Alexander" in Moscow January 2010. Yes, he's the one crossing his eyes. Alexander is our 24/7/365 family comedian.
*Sigh* You have to stick in a nerdy old picture now and then. Yes, the girl on the left is yours truly 16 years ago.

My youngest sister with her daddy, Moscow November 2010.



  1. haha..gotta love random 90s pics :)

  2. I love going through our old photos. So many memories!

  3. Love this :)

    ~Elizabeth (from CP!)

  4. Elizabeth! We should get in touch sometime :) It's been too long