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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Articles

My eight-year-old sister with her infectious grin.

Well, here's a novel concept. Posting my favourite articles on Friday again!
I also thought I'd share a comment from my eight-year-old sister. She was sitting with her little arms around my neck. Looking straight into my eyes, she said, "Soon you're going to be a grandma!" To which, I had to strive very hard not to laugh and I said, "Actually, I think soon mom is going to be a grandma." She replied with a vigorous nod of the head and an emphatic, "Yeah! That's what I meant!"  The whole family has been chuckling over that one today.

~ Tessa

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  1. Good articles especially the one about technology! Talk about a double edged sword.

    Hope is soooooo cute! :-)